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Saturday, February 16, 2013

11 days old

We are immersed in baby life and new parenthood. I haven't left the house for much other than appointments and dinner at my parents' with family. But, I haven't minded yet. I think there has only been one day that we haven't had some sort of visitors (we really appreciate the help and support!), and big help from Joey's mom in cleaning the house while I rested or watched. We think Sam makes all sorts of fun faces, including a Zoolander look. He uses his hands a lot, and sometimes just sticks a few fingers out. Here is life according the iphone:

Joey has had a cold all week, but has been a trooper (two days back at work this week). After initially feeling pretty good and high energy, I'm learning to take it easier and will hopefully feel back to myself by the 6th week postpartum (worst is the dehydration headache and weakness). Sam has learned to latch (as of Monday) and I'm no longer pumping exclusively, which is good, but also keeps Joey a little less involved. Samuel's umbilical cord is still intact, but hopefully not too much longer. We are still so thankful for the addition in our life, the time we get to spend learning together, and for reminders to look to Christ for patience, strength and love. Life is beautiful!


  1. oh my goodness i love that 4th photo!!! he has found his thumb so soon ... that is awesome. i hope you are doing well pretty mama. take care of your self and i cant wait to see more pics.

  2. he's a cutie. glad things are going well. let us know if there is every anything you need us to do.