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Friday, September 28, 2012

22 weeks, 2 days

So, we forgot to take a picture this week. We had a checkup appointment on Wednesday, and got to hear the heartbeat again, got my uterus measured for the first time (size is right on schedule), but other than that very routine. It's been a little harder to fall asleep and a little harder to get up, but that happens, I still sleep pretty well. Oh, I did lightly shave some of the few stray hairs I now get on my belly in preparation for my appointment, and happen to nick my belly button (and it bleed), but that's healing up :) At this time, things aren't too exciting, just slowly growing, and that's a good thing!
This weekend we get to celebrate my dad's birthday and Joey goes to Florida to play Regionals. Prayer request that all goes well! 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

21 weeks, 1 day (picture)

How far along? 21 weeks (and a day)
Baby is the size of a: Pomegrante
Total weight gain: 5.5 lbs (going with the doctor scale)
Maternity clothes? I've been putting my clothes in boxes, but still mostly wear my clothes, with a few maternity things mixed in. I'm planning to transition to maternity clothes more at the end of the month.
Stretch marks? Not yet, or the dark line either.
Sleep: A little more restlessly, and maybe not quite enough, but pretty good! 
Best moment this week:  Celebrating our anniversary, and the recent improvements in the nursery. And receiving our car seat!! (Thanks to Joey's parents :) )
Movement: Yep! Started last Thursday. I feel him mostly when I'm sitting down at the office, but I've felt him once in the car, and once at home. 
Food cravings: Not really, if anything, comfort food. 
Gender: Little boy!
Labor Signs: No
Symptoms: Finally feeling the second trimester energy (and some nesting), occasional back or leg pain, and the anti-depressants have been working :) Things are going well!
Wedding rings on or off? On. I've only swelled at normal times like working out or waking up suddenly.
Belly Button: Still in, but maybe a little shallower?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

20 weeks,6 days (picture)

It's a little late.. but here we go! Half way :) I felt little man last Thursday, and mostly just feel him when I'm sitting in the office. It's been fun for sure. We celebrated our first year anniversary this weekend with dinner with Joey's parents, an Ikea trip, getting a stroller from craigslist, and candle light pizza and sparkling grape juice. It was actually pretty awesome to me. Joey told me he's noticed me being happier, and other than last Friday, I have to agree. Another praise! Other than that, not too many changes.

Monday, September 10, 2012


 We'll hit halfway on Wednesday, but here are a few updates:
  • Nursery - We got the crib put together on Saturday (Joey took some pictures) and we ordered our rocker! I'm excited to get things up on the wall.
  • Registries - Started! But I really need to go through them and pare down, on the sheets in particular - I just added all that I liked at the time. 
  • Movement- none felt yet :(
  • Cravings -  not really, although I do like chocolate again
  • Nesting - increasing. I think with my gradual energy increase, I spend it organizing random things like our freezer, parts of our attic, and other little places. 
  • Sleep - more restless now, and with complicated dreams like scavenger hunts and endless projects. 
  • Other symptoms - I'm feeling more achy and my back will hurt at times. Exercise is good - trying to get a walk or video in each day.
  • The depression thing - At times I feel normal (last Friday and Saturday), but then I still have times where it just feels like my head and my heart can't wake up and/or I feel like crying all the time (Sunday and today). So we'll see. When I feel better, it's a lot easier to remember important things like praying and talking to others. Otherwise, I mostly just coast. I'm almost always improved when spending time with Joey. Marriage is amazing :)
Looking forward to picking a name (maybe on his birthday, who knows) - we have two favorites right now, feeling normal, my belly growing as our little man grows, maybe my belly button buttoning out, fall weather for the fall maternity clothes, and  feeling movement.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

19 weeks (picture)

You might not be able to see it very well in the picture, but it's a BOY!! We are so excited to know and to be able to bond and plan a little bit more. We're working on gathering inspiration for a name, the nursery, registry, and how to be good parents. We are so so thankful for good health and for the miracle that is God's. It's really neat to think about him knitting our little man in my womb.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

18 weeks, 6 days

We had a great weekend! Joey was working nights, but I felt like a lot done, including resting. Things got moved around in the future nursery, I boxed up clothes that won't quite fit for a while and moved in the maternity clothes, and we picked up a few small outfits for our future little one :). I got some time in with my mom, and some date moments with Joey. It was so great to be productive for a while, and then rest for while. And I'm 4 days into the happy pills, which I'm excited about. More soon!