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Monday, July 30, 2012

13 weeks, 5 days

A couple things:
- I feel like I'm so much more.. intense. It's probably just hormones, but when I want to finish something, there's little that would stop me, when I'm being stubborn, I'm extra stubborn. When I'm confused (bc I can't figure out what I want on the menu), I feel SO confused. When I want to say something, I might talk over someone, or repeat myself until I realize I was heard. And when I'm silly, I'm super silly. It feels... weird. I've told Joey I feel like a teenager. He'll gently remind me that going to bed is more valuable than finishing a suduko puzzle, that it might be a good idea to take a little more to work to eat, etc. and my responses are, in my opinion, kinda gruff. The next day or later that day, I'll realize "wow, Joey was right!" but of course my reaction in the moment is "you're dumb." So, thanks husband for being so sweet still and taking the brunt of the hormones.
- Hunger isn't really normal anymore. It's like there's an inkling, and within 10 minutes, if I don't eat, I get serious pain. Still varies from half-week to half-week how hungry/nauseous I am I guess. (I almost threw up Sunday morning, but largely because I forgot to eat breakfast? and did a workout instead? [sidenote: Summer Sanders workout was so hard. I mean, it's probably good - but it was a mix between aerobicy things and resistance bands and I so feeling it])
- Although it feels "real," I'm excited for August 29th! I feel like we can take real action on planning ahead and not just for the pregnancy. While I'm excited about this process, I'm still so excited for January!
- I've started reading a book called Bloom: a memoir. Kelle is a photographer and there are beautiful pictures throughout it. She had a little girl, then a miscarriage, then another little girl. Nella, the younger, ended up being born with Down Syndrome. I'm not very far into the book yet, but the other is really honest about her initial reaction. We've opted out of the testings, and so it's a very interesting read and seems like it'll be very encouraging to open any situation with open arms. God's in control right?

Friday, July 27, 2012

13 weeks, 2 days (picture)


Okay, so, sorry for the overall blurriness, the hard-to-read-ness of the sign, and the flowy shirt that kinda prevents being able to see anything, but I do have an itty bitty baby bump, that I'm still not necessarily showcasing at work yet.
 **Update: Debbie edited my picture so you can see things better: :) Thanks Debbie!!

We are still so excited about having heard the heartbeat this week. This morning we read over an article that my OB provided, on what will be happening during the 4th month. Baby C's skin is still transparent, so you can see the bones and veins (kinda crazy), but muscles will be strengthening and by the end of the month, we should be able to feel some movement! Feeling incredibly blessed - with witnessing a miracle, the support of my husband, old friends, extended family, Frisbee friends, Bible Study friends, family, my work manager, hearing tons of songs on KLove reminding me of God's love and grace - it's really neat. It just reminds me of special this time is and how excited I am to see this little face someday (soonish). 
As far as symptoms and whatnot go - I've been really tired recently, a little less hungry, nausea is pretty rare (yay!), still not really interested in chocolate (weird for me), way emotional, still breaking out a bit, a few headaches, some heel pain, but all in all, really happy. I'm thankful for a fairly easy pregnancy so far! We're visiting Joey's family this weekend and I'm so excited to see all of them! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

13 weeks

We had a great appointment this morning. We got to hear the heartbeat, all is healthy, and our few questions were answered. We feel so thankful for a healthy pregnancy so far (thanks for the prayers :) ). In fact, we feel comfortable enough that we're okay with the news being out! We've announced on facebook and anyone can know now (thanks for those who kept our secret).
Our next appointment will be the anatomy scan (the big one), on August 29th. 5 weeks to go!

Baby C:

- is forming vocal cords and teeth
-'s liver is excreting bile and the pancreas is processing insulin 
- already has fingerprints

Monday, July 23, 2012

12 weeks, 5 days

Baby C and I had a good time in Charleston. I was surprised by how well I was able to keep up, with all the walking and celebrating, had to be a God thing that the trip lined up with the end of my first trimester. We tried paddle boarding on Saturday, and it was really fun! Another praise was how well everyone got along. A group of 8 girls can be a lot of personalities to bring together. 
I had frequent bathroom stops, and snacks in with me at all times. I got comments of how surprised they were that I have a little baby bump already (I'm the first pregnant friend for a lot of these girls), and it was fun to share all the little tidbits I've learned so far. All in all, a good trip (especially after a great night of sleep), and we're really looking forward to the appointment on Wednesday!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

12 weeks (picture)

The main change that I've noticed since last week is I have been more hormonal. More irritable and responsive that usual. (Hopefully this passes soon :) ). My feet hurt more if I've been walking around, and I could still take naps on busy days. I'm still noticing a soft swelling to my belly, but I've been assured it's still not really noticeable to the average person. We're really looking forward to next week's appointment! At this point, most of Baby C's critical systems have been fully formed and is developing his/her reflexes. I'm not sure I realized most of the making is in the first trimester, and next two are mostly growing in size. Kinda crazy!
This weekend I'm heading to Charleston for my friend Annie's bachelorette. I'm hoping I remember to take breaks and drink enough water when needed. I'll be sharing with many of the girls our news, which is exciting but a little weird feeling (I'll be the only one married, and well, pregnant). Joey will be heading up to Philly for a tournament, and my parents are nice enough to watch Sully and Dash.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11 weeks

So on July 11th, we get to celebrate 11 weeks! Baby C's skin is becoming less transparent and is looking more like a normal baby :) I'm still getting hungrier, less nauseous, and more energy, which is pretty awesome. I've been noticing that my belly's right side is beginning to protrude a little more than my left. According to google and, that just means that our little one prefers my right side! Kinda weird. 
Now that we're getting to the end of the first trimester, I think it's sinking in a little more that there's actually a baby being made and that we'll be parents. We're really excited, but I'm really trying to think about what it will be like. The new tasks and to-dos that seem foreign now. It makes me think about who I am and how I act and what our child(ren) will learn. There's so much to day dream about. So thankful! 
PS, we hope to work out our schedules soon to get a picture done!

Monday, July 9, 2012

10 weeks, 5 days (picture)

Sorry our 10 week picture was a little rushed and came out blurry. After taking it, we discussed this being our last "shirt up" picture. I think I'm getting a soft roundness that might become noticeable enough while wearing clothes.
I'm definitely getting my appetite back, which feels great. On Friday, my friend Kara had us over to meet one of her college friends. Not only was it neat to meet someone who means a lot to her, but it was fun to hear plenty of pregnancy and baby stories during the evening. I don't have too many pregnant or new mom friends yet in my life, (although a lot of support :) ) so it was really neat to be able to soak all that up. 11 week updates soon!

Friday, July 6, 2012

10 weeks, 2 days

So we haven't taken a picture yet this week. Joey's been working day shifts, and leaving before I wake up, and evenings have been busy. But we got to celebrate 10 weeks on Independence Day :) My mom and I went baby shopping for the first time. While I've read some, I haven't read or looked into registry type things yet, and there is so much out there. It was a little overwhelming. Mom got Baby C a few gender neutral things like snack holders, a fun trumpet toy, a plastic book, and the cutest striped socks. She also got our changing table pad! We'll be using (and possibly painting) Joey's old dresser for the changing table. We haven't made many changes to the guest-room-becoming- nursery yet, but I'm excited for that time.
We also spent the Fourth putting together a light house puzzle, eating good food, and walking over to Regency to watch fireworks.
I tried out two more prenatal workouts, one was salsa and the other was yoga. I yawned the whole way through the yoga, but I'm doing my best to still stay a little active. As far as symptoms go, I think the nausea and tiredness are getting a little better, I haven't had the sciatic nerve pain since last Friday, I did have a little round ligament pain during our walk to fireworks, but it's been better since then. I'm starting to see more blue veins, so I've switched to a normal chair at work and I elevate my feet on top of a recycling bin. Still getting up a time or two during the night to use the bathroom. I think that's it. Hope to have a picture soon!